Better - Phase 2


An major update to the Better site included adding a new services section to the site for Libraries. While based on leisure to minimise the cost we had update and adapt much of the site to work for libraries.

We also looked at improving the performance of the site due to the increase number of users to the site. This included refactoring some of the code for speed, apply advanced caching like Russian doll caching, page caching and http caching to pages to optimise the site for speed.

An additional we had to create a new section for the Olympic venue - Copper box arena which had bespoke requirements such as events.

My role in the project was technical overseeing of the project, working closely with the technical team, project manager and client services. I was involved in frontend development of this update, including a lot of the JavaScript work and frontend caching.

Code Sample

Screen Shots

Screenshot 03 copper box events